Our Ideal Candidate

The vision of the San Jose Church of Christ is to Glorify God and Grow in our Faith. The mission of the San Jose Church of Christ is to Share the Grace and Truth of Jesus Christ with All Who are Seeking Him.

Ideal Candidate Profile for the San Jose Church of Christ

As the elders of the San Jose Church of Christ — and after much prayer, consideration, and discussion — we offer our Search Committee the following recommendations about the kind of person we believe is needed at our church. We make these recommendations after reviewing the congregational assessment and after discussion with our staff and members. These recommendations also consider where we believe God is calling and guiding our church for the future.

We desire a minister who feels a responsibility to encourage the church’s relationship to the all-powerful God, to help our community hear the call of God, and to encourage faithful obedience to God’s calling.

We are seeking someone who functions as a "Visionary Leader" who will energize our church in glorifying God and growing in our faith. We are searching for a candidate who will be an effective evangelist in our community, boldly speaking the truth of God.

Professional / Personal Qualities

Ideally, the candidate will have a degreed theological background from a university close to our fellowship. Our ideal candidate should have preaching and leadership experience in a team environment. He should have a demonstrated effectiveness and passion for reaching out into the community and bringing people to the knowledge of Christ.

Administrative – Staff Involvement

The leadership style desired is for one who is team oriented, driven, proactive and people oriented.

Mentor / Discipleship / Trainer / Teacher

The candidate should be a man of faith that is adept at teaching. The candidate would be able to lovingly communicate and motivate servants to be spiritual leaders in their family, church and community.


The candidate’s preaching style should be inspiring and convicting, engaging both our members and non-members with the message of truth of the Gospel. He should be able to effectively communicate the vision and mission of our church from the pulpit and inspire action from the members.

Personal & Spiritual Characteristics

The candidate should be full of the Spirit of God and live his life with love, faithfulness, and joy. We anticipate this candidate will be compelled by a calling of God to serve in this role. He will attend to the health of God’s Kingdom and have great faith in God to grow His Body.

Focus of ideal candidate

  • 1. Developing the church’s relationship to God
  • 2. Reach out to or engaging the community
  • 3. Developing internal church relationships

Primary role of the ideal candidate

  • 1. Serve as a Visionary Leader
  • 2. Serve as an evangelist to our community
  • 3. Speak the truth of the Bible boldly

Spiritual gifts desired

  • 1. Faith
  • 2. Teaching ability
  • 3. Leading the church

Spiritual fruits desired

  • 1. Love
  • 2. Faithfulness
  • 3. Joy

Spiritual qualities desired

  • 1. Full of the Spirit
  • 2. Called by God
  • 3. Kingdom perspective

Personal characteristics most needed

  • 1. Driven
  • 2. Extroverted
  • 3. Open-minded

Leadership style most needed

  • 1. Team builder
  • 2. Proactive
  • 3. People oriented

What are the most important competencies needed?

  • 1. Preaching
  • 2. Vision casting
  • 3. Teaching / mentoring

Preaching style most needed

  • 1. Inspirational
  • 2. Convicting
  • 3. Engaging

Most important passions and commitments needed

  • 1. Outreach to the lost
  • 2. Championing our visions and mission
  • 3. Building Christ-like lives within our church

Who does this minister need to reach

  • Lost
  • Young
  • Outsiders
  • Unchurched
  • Non-CoC

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