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(9:30-10:15 AM)

Book of Matthew

Room 115 - Harold Adams, Ron Washburn

This study of the Book of Matthew will walk with Jesus from His birth to crucifixion. A verse-by-verse presentation for everyone, beginners and reviewers, of "the greatest story ever told".

College and Young Adults

FLC Room 204 - Bryce Pride

This class is  a book-by-book study of the Bible, making practical applications to real world situations faced by college students and young adults.


Hard Sayings of Jesus

Room 105 - Brian Kerr, Wade Taylor

Like his original hearers, many people today find Jesus' sayings hard. Some sayings are hard because they are difficult to understand, others because the demands they make on us are only too clear. The intent of this class is to study these hard sayings of Jesus to clear away the cultural and historical difficulties, which keep us from grappling with the real challenge of Jesus' message.

The Home-Builders of San Jose

FLC Rooms 201/202 - Corey Stumne (Sept 10,17,24)

Parenting is a challenge regardless of the ages of your children! The Home-Builders group tackles the real life issues of personal growth, marital strength and authentic situations of leading children on a path that successfully cultivates strong family and spiritual relationships.

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