Local service opportunities

We encourage involvement in the following community services:


Some of the things we do here include:

Volunteering at UCOM can be a family activity.

Volunteering at UCOM can be a family activity.

Frequent canned good collection drives, and
Offering up our Family Life Center to host fundraisers.

The pantry is housed at the UCOM building on St. Augustine Rd, 3 miles from our building.

The pantry is housed at the UCOM building on St. Augustine Rd, 3 miles from our building.

It takes a lot of volunteers to keep the UCOM food pantry stocked.
Some of the things you can do, individually or with a group, at the food pantry include:

Being a Meals on Wheels driver,
Volunteering at the pantry, helping to keep it stocked.

Visit the UCOM website for specific information about their volunteer opportunities.



Mount Dora Children's Home and Christian Academy

The Children's Home, located in Mount Dora, FL, offers:

A Single Parent Program providing a life-changing opportunity for single parents who qualify. It is a spiritually based program that helps a single parent break the vicious cycle of poverty and despair.

A Group Care Program. Overseen by Christian house parents, the residential group care homes provide a positive family environment for boys and girls ages six to 18 who, often through no fault of their own, are in need of a more stable home environment.

The Christian Academy strives to help students strengthen their relationship with Christ, build a foundation of moral character, and achieve competitive academic success.

We support Mount Dora in a number of different ways.

We support them financially.
We provide Christmas gifts for children in the group care program.
We support the annual benefit dinner held in Jacksonville.
Our children participate in the Change for Children program, by collecting loose change in coin cans.
We collect Campbell's Labels for Education and Box Tops for Education for the Academy.



Jacksonville Ronald McDonald House

We support by collecting pop tabs from aluminum cans, recycled for cash, to help provide housing for families visiting Jacksonville while their children receive medical care.